Campaign of the Month: August 2013

Dragons of Autumn

Back across the Eastwall Mountains

Session 8

After some rest, Goldmoon approaches the group. She has decided to return to her homeland and attempt to restore her tribe. The loss of Riverwind weighs on her and she seeks to reestablish the only family she still has. The group Bulette agrees to drop Goldmoon back in Que-Shu before continuing on to Solace and attempting to locate the " leader " that Mishakal spoke of.
The group says their farewells and leave to the sound of sobbing gully dwarves who will miss their adoptive clansmen and women. Heading through the mountain pass is much more difficult this time. The group encounters a bulette and has a tough battle before putting it down. Fortunately, several party members can now control divine magic and quickly restore everyone to full health. The mountain trail is a little difficult to follow, but the group makes it to the far side of the mountain before setting up camp for the night.


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