Campaign of the Month: August 2013

Dragons of Autumn


Session 7

The group manages to gather 2 potions of protection from fire (CL 8th), a cloak of charisma +2, a wand of invisibility (30 charges), 30 tourmalines (60 GP each), 2 golden yellow topazes (300 GP each), 4 violet garnets (400 GP each), and a large share of platinum and steel coins.
Yelfis starts to look through the Disks of Mishakal and suddenly has a vision. His vision instructs him how to complete his holy symbol. Yelfis pulls out and completes his partial holy symbol. With the completed holy symbol, Yelfis can now channel the power of his god, Reorx. One-by-one, each of the party receives a vision from looking through the Disks of Mishakal. Almaia has a vision of a large silver dragon. Mora envisions a blossoming rose bush. Kip envisions the befuddled storyteller from the Inn of the Last Home. Draigo envisions an encounter with a cloaked figure whose features are constantly changing. The figure repeats, " Isn’t there something you need to learn? Isn’t there something you need to do? " Donegin envisions meeting herself. The mirror image reaches inside its own chest to pull out a pink-glowing orb and hands it to Donegin. Goldmoon and Riverwind do not disclose their visions.
While they’re looting the dragon’s treasure, a knock on the western door alarms them. The group freezes and waits. The knock sounds again, louder. The group rolls the dragon’s corpse in front of the door and locates the sewer drain from the Highbulp’s map. The grate is rusted shut, but the threat of impending discovery and the combined strength of 5 dwarves proves too much for the manhole cover. The group descends into the sewer pipe and seals the grate as they hear Draconians breech into the dragon’s lair.
The sewer pipe is hundred of feet long and broken in sections. At one broken junction, the group is attacked by fiendish centipedes. They destroy the hellish insects and continue on at the sound of voices coming from behind. The pipe ends at a ladder and the group ascends. At the top is another rusted manhole cover. It takes several attempts, but the cover finally gives and the group is doused in stagnant water that collected over the manhole. The group surfaces in the small building across from the waterfall where they found Sunstar.
With the Draconians fast upon their heels, the group flees into the gully dwarf section of the city for refuge. Riverwind and Yelfis bring up the rear as the group heads for the secret room Almaia discovered. Unfortunately, Riverwind and Yelfis do not make it to the secret room before the Draconians came around the corner. The duo breaks down an alleyway and heads for the court of the gully dwarf king. Along the way, they hear a large pop from the secret room where the Bozak captain was being held prisoner. Upon inspection, Riverwind and Yelfis discover that the gully dwarf guards inadvertently killed the Bozak and caused him to explode. The two gully dwarf guards perished in the explosion.
Meanwhile from the secret room, the group hears the draconian search party milling around outside. The sounds continue for a few minutes when the secret room starts running out of breathable air. The group exits the secret room through the kings bed chamber and heads toward the king’s throne room. They meet up with Riverwind and Yelfis outside the gully dwarf mess hall.
Inside the throne room, the gully dwarf king awaits the groups return. The group informs the king that they destroyed the dragon. When the king asks for his " shiny things " the group hands him one of the precious stones. The king is visibly upset at the small offering, but the group informs him that the rest of the " shiny things " are awaiting collection in the dragon’s lair. The king is pleased at this and dispatches one of his guards to mobilize the Slud clan.
Yelfis decides to share another bounty from the treasure. He picks up a gold rod, bends and breaks it. Again, the king is visibly upset, but Yelfis begins to pray and the group watches as the gold rod repairs itself. The king is impressed, but mistakes the miracle for magic. Yelfis explains that his powers are not arcane and that they are a gift from his god. Phudge does not understand what a god is so Yelfis explains. Phudge is truly impressed that a being as great as a god would grant powers to anyone who simply asked. Under the tutelage of Yelfis, Phudge begin to pray to Reorx. " Reorx who is everywhere! Give me something to drink!!! " Phudge and the group are startled as water begins to flow from Phudge’s fingertips.
This day had been truly exhausting for the group. The king invites them to stay in his barracks as official heroes of his clan. During their rest, the group is awoken by a commotion in the hall. With the death of their mistress, a large group of Bozak have invaded the gully dwarf section of the city recruiting slave labor to relocate their supplies out of the city. The group mobilizes for a gruesome battle. Many gully dwarves fall to the Bozak, but the tides turn as Goldmoon attacks with the Blue Crystal Staff. Her attacks blast several Bozak at a time, but the shimmer of the staff begins to flicker. Goldmoon continues to wield the staff when it suddenly flashes. The group witnesses Goldmoon’s skeleton in the midst of the blue flash. All evidence of Goldmoon disappears with the blue light. The loss of his love drives Riverwind into a frenzied rage. He continues to slay Bozak until he too falls in combat.
During the melee, Yelfis is separated from the group and is surrounded by Bozak and eventually slain. At the death of the two Plainsfolk and Yelfis, Phudge sounds the retreat into his throne room.
As the Bozak begin to dwindle, their magic-users sound a retreat by encasing the area in darkness. When the darkness clears, the Bozak are gone, but so too is the body of Yelfis.
The group retreats into the throne room and discovers Phudge kneeling over a body. The king is crying and desperately praying: " Reorx who is everywhere… Please make him okay! "
Donegin rushes over to the body and discovers it’s Yelfis. He is still mortally wounded, but stable. Donegin summons the power of heart to mend his wounds. Yelfis regains consciousness and explains that he had a vision:
After receiving the killing blow, Yelfis awakens in a dark room. A light and continuous tinkering from the next room attracts his attention. The next room appears to be a large forge. A 10 foot tall bearded dwarf stands over a large anvil, hammer in hand. He stops his work and looks at Yelfis, " I haven’t seen one of you for a while. Here, take this. " The large dwarf hands a glowing light to Yelfis. As Yelfis accepts the light, it enters his body and he awakens on the floor of the throne room.
Phudge explains that he fled to the throne room and started to pray to Reorx for assistance when the floor tiles opened and the body of Yelfis floated up from below.

The group begins to plan their flight from Xak Tsaroth with the help of Phudge while Yelfis mourns over his companions who were not as lucky as he. Yelfis moves the bodies of several gully dwarves and Riverwind to the secret room where the Bozak captain had been killed. He begins to pray, asking that their souls be consigned to Reorx. At the conclusion of his prayer, the floor tiles below the bodies begin to move and fall away exposing a large chasm below. The fires at the bottom of the chasm burn like a forge and Yelfis hears the familiar tinkering sound from his vision. The bodies fall into the chasm, but so does the surrounding ruins. The fiery chasm creates a chain reaction and the city of Xak Tsaroth begins to collapse into the widening chasm. The cavern covering the city become unstable and the swamp above begins pouring into the city. Yelfis, Phudge, and the group begin to flee toward the tower foundation to make their escape.Blz04
The group makes it through the dimensional doors into the treasury and upwards to the upside-down inn. Unfortunately, only the gully dwarves are able to climb up the sewer pipe. The group is trapped in the upside-down inn as it begins to fill with water. The group decides to create more water by bashing open the doors and windows of the inn. With the increased flow of water, the group enters the sewer pipe to allow the water to float them to the top. Unfortunately, when the water covers the end of the tube, the group is shot upwards instead of a steady climb. After passing the junction in the sewer pipe, the flow subsides and begins to fall. The group sends Phudge ahead with a rope. The gully dwarf king easily climbs the rest of the tube, but the group is not sure if he will be able to pull them up. The group clings to the rope as the water pulls back. The end of the rope must be secure because the group does not lower with the water level. As the group begins to scale up the rope, they are suddenly pulled up. As they exit the sewer pipe at the top, they find themselves surrounded by gully dwarves. The gully dwarf king had his people pull up the heroes.
The group continues their escape out of the temple. As they pass the talking statue of Mishakal, they spot Goldmoon curled up at her feet. The statue no longer has empty hands, but wields a stone staff similar to the Blue Crystal Staff. In Goldmoon’s hands are a series of items on a string; a silver dragon medallion for Almaia, a rose medallion for Mora, an infinity symbol medallion for Goldmoon, a knick-knack for Kip, a dagger for Draigo, and nothing for Donegin.
The group heads out of the temple and into the swamp. They follow Kip to where he left their cart. They find the cart overturned and the horse missing; a set of drag marks lead into the swamp water. As the cliffs adjacent to the swamp begin to fall into the Newsea, the gully dwarf king directs his people to turn the cart over and pull it by hand. The gully dwarf powered cart pulls the heroes and the gully dwarf king through the swamp.
As they travel swiftly through the swamp, the group notices some Draconians also fleeing their ruined outpost. The panicked gully dwarves wash over the desperate dragon men and either pummel them to death with their tiny fists or toss them into the swamp water. Eventually, the group and their gully dwarf entourage come to the final log bridge out of the swamp. The heroes ask Phudge to have his people knock the log into the swamp to prevent any Draconians from following. Phudge complies and leaps off the cart and begins shouting orders to his people. As the group rides off, they hear the loud splash of the log followed by splashing, thrashing, and plenty of horrific screams.
When the group safely in the foothills of the Eastwall Mountains, they are rejoined by King Phudge who recounts the legendary battle of the swamp. Apparently, after he had his people push the log bridge into the swamp water, a group of Draconians on the far side began to wade across the swamp. Suddenly, a six-headed hydra erupted from the murky depths and began to attack the Draconians. In the eyes of the king, the gully dwarf people were valiant in the battle for not offending the creature who could have obviously killed them all.
Despite his excitement at the retelling of the days events, the king is suddenly sullen. He realizes that his people no longer have a home or any prospects for shelter. The group recommends the ruins of a dwarven fortress not far from their current location and swells the dwaven kings’ spirits.
The group makes from the ruined dwarven fortress and sets up camp amidst the new gully dwarf colony. They take some time to mend from their weeks of hard work and Yelfis begins to study the Disks of Mishakal. Goldmoon is often found crying during this time since the news that her beloved Riverwind fell in combat. On the first evening, the gully dwarves throw a banquet in honor of their new heroes. Unfortunately, the location of their new mess hall centers around the area where the group felled three owl bears a week ago. There is no sign of the rotten owl bear corpses, but there is plenty of awful smelling gully dwarf stew! The group attends the banquet out of politeness, but sticks to their rations.
During their stay with the gully dwarves, they witness the excavation of an entrance to the underground portions of the dwarven keep. The group was also surprised to discover that the gully dwarves had successfully salvaged the entire remains of the dragon’s treasure. All the coins and precious art pieces the group could not carry had been carted out of Xak Tsaroth in the grungy pockets of the 200+ gully dwarves.


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