Campaign of the Month: August 2013

Dragons of Autumn

Across the plains

Session 2

As the group sets out from Solace, Draigo succumbs to his magical illness. The group lie him in the back of the cart while he recovers. By midday, they arrive in the plains and the tribal village of Que-Kiri. As the approach the outskirts of the village, they are approached by several warrior-guards from the tribe. Riverwind and Goldmoon lead the interaction by using their native tongue. Despite the apprehension of the guards in letting the group enter the village, their plainsmen companions convince them to allow passage and provisions provided that they meet with the tribe shaman. Riverwind shares that the guards are uneasy because of mysterious fires to the north outside of the wildfire season.
The group senses the uneasiness of the villagers as they are led to the shaman’s tent. The shaman is eager to speak with the group after having a prophetic dream about travelers bearing a Blue Crystal Staff. The group is apprehensive about disclosing their possession of the staff after their experience in Solace and are eager to continue on their journey.
On the trail from Que-Kiri to Que-Shu, the group encounters a human in desperate flight from a group of hooded strangers. The human is a Plainsman and appears exhausted. The pursuers are obviously toying with the human and their mocking laughter is audible from 500 feet away. The group prepares for combat in defense of the wretched human.
At the sight of the group, the strangers through back their hoods revealing the startling countenance of a dragonman hybrid. The combat is short as the group out numbers the Draconians two to one. However, they are shocked to discover that a killing blow results in the draconian turning immediately to stone. Riverwind was unfortunate to discover this effect resulted in his sword becoming lodged in the stone statue. A few minutes after, the statues crumble to dust and Riverwind is able to retrieve his sword.
Donegin is able to heal the Plainsman who introduces himself and his story:
" I am Nightshade of the Que-Teh, and I am in your debt. The dragonmen raided our village a few days ago. They came upon us like fiends of the Abyss, killing any who resisted and capturing the rest. They ransacked the village and interrogated us, asking about some crystal staff. Many more died in the questioning. Apparently they were unsatisfied that we had no idea what they wanted, because they’re taking the people south; they say we are to be put to work as slaves. The elders of the tribe held a secret council, chained as they were; I was chosen to attempt to escape and go to Que-Shu to seek aid. Those four (pointing at Draconians) intercepted me. Where ever you are headed, you must be careful. A great evil lies to the south, and in their idle chatter, they mentioned another host of fiends in the north poised to strike against the Seeker lands. They hold back only for fear of this crystal staff they’re looking for. "
Nightshade thanks the group for their assistance and immediately departs for Que-Shu. The group does not join Nightshade as they prefer to travel around Que-Shu because of Riverwind and Goldmoon’s exile sentence.
As the group continues east, they come across a freshly trampled path across the plains. The trail appears to have been made by hundreds of non-human beings and a few wagons; the trail is heading south from the north.
As the group approaches the Que-Shu area, they spot a great deal of black smoke rising from the heart of the village. A distraught Riverwind and Goldmoon head into the village with the group in-tow. When they get into the village, it is completely razed. Birds perch atop wooden gallows in the center of town. The gallows is constructed of two stout posts driven into the ground by an incredible force. Charred bodies hang from a partially melted chain between the two posts. Despite the massively seared and blackened flesh of the bodies, they are clearly not human. One of the posts has a shield nailed to it by a broken sword blade. A message is carved into the shield, but no one in the group recognizes the language.
The group continues into the foothills of the Eastwall Mountains to seek a refuge to camp for the night. The group sets watches because of the dangers that lurk in the Eastwall Mountains. During her watch Almaia hears Goldmoon crying for her people. Goldmoon feels that the Que-Shu people were her responsibility and that she turned away from them for selfish reasons. Almaia consoles her and returns to her watch.
Later that evening, the group is awoken by a formation of skeletons marching through the hillside. They appear to be in military ranks continuing a tour of duty that started long ago. The group bashes the undead creatures into a final rest before attempting to reclaim a few hours of rest until dawn.


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