Campaign of the Month: August 2013

Dragons of Autumn

Into the Chamber of Fistandantilus

The group finds a way past the iron pyrohydra, encounters some magical traps, and encounters the shade of Fistandantilus himself!

After observing the iron pyrohydra and its chamber, the group discovers invisible walkways that connect to the far-side of the chamber. The iron pyrohydra cannot reach the group from forty-feet below, but one of its twelve heads retains the ability to breath flames. The group manages to cross the third level unscathed, but some of the group felt attempts to push them off the invisible walkway.
The archway on the far-side leads to a narrow hallway and stairs. The stairs descend to the second level of the chamber. At this time, Mora agrees to receive two spells: invisibility on herself and a coin with the Silence spell cast upon it. Mora then scouts the invisible walkways and archways on the second level. She reports back after discovering the archway with the next set of stairs down. Unfortunately, the iron pyrohydra is now able to reach party members crossing the invisible walkways. Instead of risking attack, Grim casts Dimension Door and hops the entire party to safety on the far-side of the chamber.
The group descends to the first level of the chamber; however, Mora and Almaia are surprised as one of the iron heads enters the narrow hallway through the first-level arch! The two female dwarves position themselves on either side of the arch and await the next head to enter. They unleash their attacks on the next head to enter through the arch. The heads of the iron pyrohydra return with biting attacks. The duo are able to destroy the fire-breathing head of the construct before the devastating damage from the other eleven heads become more than they can bare. The two retreat up the stairs where they receive healing from Donegin and rest for the night.
After recovering, the group repeats its silence-invisibility tactic from the second level. Mora discovers that the final staircase is on the other side of the wall from the second-level stairs. Again, Grim casts Dimension Door on the party to bypass the beast altogether and the group descends the final staircase.

The staircase enters into a room with two doors. A stone statue stands between the two doors. The face of the statue is animated and frowns as the group approaches one door and grins as the group approaches the other. Yelfis opens the door for the room that causes the statue to smile. The room is dimly lit by orange gelatinous orbs suspended from the ceiling. A single massive statue of a dwarf stands in the center with its hands supporting the ceiling. Yelfis investigates the other room; it is not lit and a single large stone humanoid kneels in the center of the room.
The group agrees to allow Almaia to investigate the unlit room. The moment she steps into the room, she falls to the ceiling. Her ring of feather fall protects her from any damage. Walking upside down across the room seems to pose no problem so she invites the rest of the group to enter carefully. While looking for handholds to slow their ascent to the ceiling, the group discovers invisible hand rails next to the door. Stone golem
Mora decides to try walking straight across the room. After ten feet, gravity restores and she falls to the ground. As she stands, the large stone golem stands and attacks! The group retreats from the room. They watch as the stone golem wanders the room for a minute before it returns to the center and kneels.
The group enters the room again, this time they send Almaia who uses some ambient dust to determine where gravity remains constants. She discovers that the golem remains stationary as long as she remains on the ceiling. She plots a safe path of anti-gravity along the ceiling for the rest of the group. Another set of invisible hand rails provide them a safe way to exit through the door on the far side of the room.

The door leads them to a long hallway that leads to an identical hallway leading away at a 90-degree angle. At the inner-V of the turn is a locked door and across from it is a dark statue. This statue is a robed figure whose face, though hidden, seems to project malevolence, stands in the shadows of an alcove where the two corridors meet. Grim identifies the statue as Nuitari the god of black magic in one of its seven faces, knowledge. After detecting magic, the group determines that the statue has a permanent scry spell cast upon it – likely to inform Fistandantilus of anyone attempting to enter his chambers.
The door across from the statue is locked and has an odd key-hole that resembles the keys they retrieved from the ooze. Upon inspection, the group discovers that the keys are adorned with the seven faces of Nuitari. Each key also has magical lettering, only visible through their use of detect magic, that labels each key. Although he is not an expert at reading black magical writings, Grim is able to determine which key is labeled ‘Knowledge’. The group uses the key to unlock the door.
The room is only five feet long and leads to another door. On either side stands another statue in an aspect of Nuitari. Donegin who still has her Detect Magic spell activated stops the group from entering. Her spell reveals a wavy wall of shimmering magic between the two statues. Yelfis investigates by throwing his hammer through the curtain of magical energy. The group watches as the metal hammer turns to wood and hits the door on the far side. Yelfis calls the hammer back to him and as it passes through the magic curtain, it returns to metal. The group searches for a way around the statues, but the alcoves are too narrow. While searching, they discover one of the statues has a similar keyhole as the door. The group identifies the two statues as the Nuitari aspects of Might and Wealth. They find the key labeled Might and Wealth and use it in the statue. The magical curtain dissipates and the group passes through unharmed. When they attempt to retrieve the key, the magical curtain returns so they leave the key in the statue and continue on.
The next room is identical to the last and another magical curtain wavers between two different statues. These aspects of Nuitari are Youth and Passion; the group finds the hidden keyhole and disables the magic field before continuing.
The third entryway is identical and contains the Nuitari aspects of Death and Chaos. However, there is no keyhole to deactivate the magical curtain in this room. The group attempts to determine the effect of the magic field, but can only discern that it is enchantment magic. Yelfis volunteers to cross first and there appears to be no effect. The remaining party members cross, also with no apparent effect. The final door opens into the massive domed chamber of Fistandatilus.
The ceiling, once a dome of marble, is now shattered. Huge stone blocks litter the floor and block the opening above. In the center of the room, three metallic objects shine brightly; they rest next to a human skull lying on the floor.
Almaia approaches the remains to investigate. As she approaches, the dusty remains swirl into the air and coalesce into the form of the black-robed wizard!
Remnant of fistandatilus
The remnant hovers in place. Almaia holds her ground awaiting the next action of the undead creature. After about 20 seconds, the remnant reverts to dust and settles to the ground. Almaia continues her approach and retrieves the shiny metallic objects. The three objects are magical circlets identical to the control devices around the necks of the three skeletal warriors above.
A single door in the back of the chamber is the only other thing in the chamber that is not destroyed.


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