Campaign of the Month: August 2013

Dragons of Autumn

Into Skullcap Mountain

The heroes enter Skullcap mountain and encounter more dragons!!

The group scales the gravely hill to the obsidian jawline of Skullcap mountain. Using some climbing gear, the group descending down the slick gullet of the massive stone mouth. The gullet ends in a tunnel that transitions from melted volcanic stone into the stone and mortar ruins of the keep within.
The halls of the mountain keep show signs of the great magical catastrophe which transformed it into a melted skull. The rooms are filled with broken furniture and rubble and the keep is eerily quiet. Most of the doors are oak covered in silver.
The group enters an armory which contains a giant bubble in the center. As they examine the bubble, they notice within a large brass dragon in mid-pounce upon a fleeing goblin. After a closer examination from the more magically inclined party members, they determine the bubble is some type of time stasis. It would take either a powerful dispel spell to counter or contact with iron or steel.
Some of the group is concerned that unleashing another dragon would be bad, but Almaia (who worships the silver dragon Paladine ) remembers that metallic dragons are legendary forces of good. The group decides to free the dragon and stands back from the time sphere.
Yelfis tosses a steel coin at the sphere and it makes a pop as the dragon and goblin spring to life! The dragon completes its attack on the goblin and devours it entirely. After rolling its eye in satisfaction, the dragon looks around quizzically and asks, “Where am I? What happened?”
The group explains that the dragon was under the influence of magic. The dragon only remembers that it was chasing down some goblins when he noticed a man in black robes. The dragon introduces himself as Blaize and offers to travel with the companions. The armory includes several sets of magical armor and weapons!
During the exploration of the first level of Skullcap mountain, the group discloses that evil dragons have returned to Krynn. Blaize inquires about the good dragons and the group informs him that there are no good dragons in the world.
The group encounters an old arrow trap and Blaize mentions that the room smelled awful, like rotten meat. The group is able to exit the room with the arrow trap.
Another room contains dark spirits floating in place performing the action they did in life. The spirits are similar to the shades in Xak Tsaroth, except darker in appearance. The ghosts take no notice of the group until Yelfis enters the room. Yelfis’ holy symbol flashes upon his neck and the ghosts flee through the nearest walls.
As the group explores, Grim feels an urge to investigate a cavern with a waterfall on the far end of the level. The cavern is simply a waterfall emptying into a pool of water. An island piled with treasure lays in the center of the pool. As the group discusses a dry method for crossing, a gargantuan shadow dragon leaps to attack from the cavern ceiling!
As it descends upon the surprised group of adventurers, the shadow dragon looks over at Grim. At the moment it notices Grim, the dragon lands and folds its wings about it like a cape. The dragon bows low and says, " Master Fistandantilus, you have returned. "
The group, including Grim, looks around confused. Blaize leans over and whispers, “I don’t like the look of this guy. Someone want to clue me in here?”
The shadow dragon sighs and explains that he faithfully guarded the keep as instructed. He was not aware that his master would be away so long and asks if he is permitted to leave. Grim nods his permission. The shadow dragon motions to the pile of treasure and says that is all that remains of the few trespassers that dared to enter the keep under his watch. His master is “free to do with the treasure as he pleases”, and with that the dragon disappears. The group collects a treasure of gems, coins, potions, boots of levitation, and a bag of holding!
As the group approaches another room on the first level, Blaize wrinkles his nose again and says it smells like rotten flesh again. The group warily opens the door and peek through the crack. The room is filled with dark shadows dancing in a massive ball room. Several doors lead from the room and shadows continue without noticing the group spying on them. The group decides to enter the room and several of the dancing figures suddenly turn and look. The group realizes these figures are corporeal. Several dozen of them approach at a run and the group recognizes them as wights! The group quickly exits the room, shutting the door behind them.
The wights crash upon the door in pursuit. Their flesh sizzles as it makes contact with the silver lined door and the smell is terrible.
The group secures the other silver doors leading from the ballroom to contain the wights and searches the last room on the floor. The room appears to be an alter. A single skeleton lays draped across the alter, a magical sword in one hand and a scroll in the other. Yelfis takes the sword and scroll. The scroll contains a map of the keep before the magical blast. It depicts an underground tower with the chamber of Fistandantilus at the very lowest level. The dark wizards chamber has only one entrance via a large hall.
The group discovers a massive iron staircase that descends to the levels below, but devastation appears to have warped it beyond safe use. The group comes up with a plan to have Grim cast feather fall on everyone to transport them to bottom safely. Blaize takes one look at the stairwell and declines to join them. Instead, the brass dragon offers to guard the top of the stairwell in case the troop of wights break out of the ballroom.
The group floats several hundred feet past the destroyed levels of the sunken tower. They land on the bottom level in the cooled slag heap of the fallen remnant of the iron stairs. Suddenly, three skeletal warriors rise! The skeletons each wear a matching blue collar and begin to yell: “Save us, please! The collars make us do things! We do not want to attack you! Please get away before we attack!”
Noticing an exit down in the center of the slag heap, several of the group leave the area. Mora, Yelfis, and Grim attempts to combat the skeletons. They valiantly try to remove the collars while in a grapple, but any contact with the magical device results in a massive magical shock! The three join the rest of the group below as the skeletons shriek their apologies and plead for the group to find a way to release them from their eternal torment.
The room below contains the destroyed remains of white, red, and black tapestries. Most of the rooms in the rest of the level are collapsed. Two of the three rooms that are not collapsed open into 30 foot deep rooms each containing a twelve-headed iron pyrohydra! As the group enters each of the rooms, the twelve heads attempt to breath fire at them. One iron pyrohydra appears to have only one head with a functional breath weapon and the other iron pyrohydra has at least two heads with functional breath weapons.
The group avoid those two rooms and enter the third. As Almaia enters the room, she dives out of the path of a yellow ooze falling from the ceiling!
The group battles the yellow ooze but the nature of the liquid entity makes it difficult to tell if their attacks are damaging it. Eventually, the ooze shutters and dissolves into the stones below. All that remains is a digested skeleton and a ring of keys. The group takes the ring of keys and begins to plan a way past one of the two iron pyrohydras.


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