Campaign of the Month: August 2013

Dragons of Autumn

The Trail to Skullcap Mountain

Having escorted the Pax Tharkas refugees to a temporary haven, the group travels southeast to Skullcap Mountain for clues to finding Thorbardin

Having escorted the Pax Tharkas refugees to a secure valley, the group departs to the southeast in search of Skullcap mountain. The broken remains of that fortress which belonged to one of the most powerful and evil mages to walk on Krynn offers the possibility for locating Thorbardin, the lost kingdom of the mountain dwarves.
As the group descends from the mountain ranges into the foothills between the Tharkadan Mountains and the Plains of Dergoth, Mora spots a grouping of dark lumps lying in a snowy meadow. Upon investigation, she discovers the lumps eight sets of Draconian equipment. The equipment is covered in a fine stone powder that Mora recognizes as the remains to the Baaz variety of dragonmen who turn to stone and fall to dust after dying.
Realizing that the deaths must have been recent, Grim scans the tree line surrounding the group and spots a group of ogres approaching from the east. Grim alerts the group and begins to cast a spell.
Almaia attempts to reason with the ogres in their own language, but the ancient hatred between giants and dwarves wins out over reason and the ogres attack. Grim looses his spell and five of the seven ogres halt their advance as dark tentacles appear from the ground and wrap around the monsters.
The lead ogre yells something in his own tongue which Almaia translates as: “Get the magic user!” The two unhindered ogres charge at Grim while the remaining ogres liberate themselves from their entanglement.
The battle is quick and ferocious. Six of the ogres recklessly charge after Grim as Mora handles the lead ogre. Between Grim’s spells and the combat prowess of the group, the ogres fall quickly. A quick search of the remains reveals a high quality great club, hide armor, a ring, and 8 steel pieces.
The group continues out of the foothills to the bogs of the Plains of Dergoth. The Battle Plain, as this area is called, is where the majority of the participants in
the Dwarfgate War met their end. There is an unnatural discomfort in this area; the group is uncertain if it is the remnant of Fistandantilus’ overwhelming evil, the spirits of ten thousand innocents objecting to being disturbed in their final resting place, or both. The ground is very nearly lifeless, with only the hardiest of grasses attempting to sink roots into the blasted soil. Even long after the war, the land is littered with corroded and rusting weapons and armor. The hulks of siege engines, catapults, and supply wagons rust and rot in the icy wind. The land is a desolate scar upon the face of Ansalon.
Almaia and Mora locate a dry path into the plains and the group proceeds closer to the dark mountain of Skullcap. As the group nears its destination, the smell of rotting vegetation is strong in the air. Clumps of dead leaves, grasses, and vines sit in the stagnant water. Mora and Almaia spot some movement from an odd mass of vegetation to the right-side of the 15 foot-wide trail. Mora takes a step toward it while Almaia walks past it along the far-side of the trail. A large tentacle comprised of rotting plant matter bursts from the bog water and strikes Almaia. The group readies for battle as the mouth of a tendriculous opens wide for its next meal.Tend
The plant creature is quickly bashed back into the swamp, but not before it snaps its jaws around Yelfis. The dwarves and their mage companion watch in horror as Yelfis is swallowed whole.
Donegin Jumps into the bog water to attack the creatures flank. As he steps into the bog, a chill washes over him. The noxious air becomes even fouler and Donegin begins to realize that he is not welcome in this place. Suddenly, four dwarven ghosts rise from the stagnant waters. The spirits appear angry and they begin to moan frightfully in Dwarven at the intruder: “Begone, outsider! Disturb our rest no longer!”
Donegin, intent on saving his brother, ignores the incorporeal entities and attacks the plant monster. The group vanquishes the tendriculous and the spirits fade back into the bog water as Donegin steps back onto the trail.
Almaia jumps onto the back of the dead creature and begins to cut frantically in search of her brother. Meanwhile, in the stomach of the creature, Yelfis squirms his hand on the first sharp implement he can reach, his halberd. He begins attacking the stomach wall as the stomach acid attempts to digest him and his equipment.
Eventually, Yelfis breaks through the weak area where Almaia was cutting. The ruptured stomach spills its contents into the bog and it takes Almaia and Yelfis along.
As the two dwarves land in the bog, the four dwarven spirits return. Again, they moan in protest at the disruption and warn them to leave. Mora steps into the bog water to help her siblings back onto the trail. As she enters the water, four more dwarven spirits return and wail their protest and warnings. With Mora’s assistance, Almaia quickly steps onto the trail. The spirits lose patience and lash out at Mora who dodges their attacks as she steps back on the trail. Four of the dwarven spirits vanish as Mora leaves the water.
The remaining four spirits wail over Yelfis who takes a moment in the bog water to let the acid wash from his body. The dwarf finally sits up, looks at the ghosts, and snarls; in a tone that carries the frustrations of his recent experience and the power of his faith he commands the ghosts to leave him be. The ghosts cower and flee before the holy presence of the clerics command. Yelfis casually stands and makes his way from the bog back on to the trail.
The group does not bother searching the area or remains for treasure and proceeds to the gravel incline leading into the mouth of Skullcap.


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