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Dragons of Autumn

The trail to Sla-Mori

Session 11

As the elven guards rush into the aspen grove, the group explains the details of Laurana’s kidnapping. The guards mobilize to search the area for the wyvern and send for Gilthanas.
When Gilthanas and receives the news of his sisters kidnapping, he decides with a teary eye to pass on his sisters rescue and continue the mission to liberate the slaves at Pax Tharkas. Gilthanas believes that the need of his people to escape the Red Dragonarmy is more important than the desperate rescue of a single elf. The group agrees and sets to rest through the night for their journey the next morning.
Early the next morning, the group begins reequipping for the next leg of their adventure. The elves provide the group any mundane items. However, Almaia is interested in acquiring a healing potion. She is introduced to an elven wizard who is willing to sell an extremely rare potion of healing for 800 gp. Almaia talks the wizard down to 700 gp, but she ultimately decides to trade for the potion. She offers a magic ring that the group discovered in Kip’s pouches. The wizard casts a short spell and examines the ring. After a moment, the good elven wizard turns down the offer because the items are not of similar value. Instead, the wizard offers the potion and two other magic items in exchange for the magic ring. The two magic items are a Farspeaking Amulet and a magic belt that does not seem to work for any of the elves. The belt appears to be magical under a detect magic spell and is labeled as a Healing Belt, but no one can get the item to work. The belt is similar to the Healing Belt Mora owns that did not work until she acquired her holy amulet. Almaia accepts the trade, quaffs the much needed healing potion, and shares the Farspeaking Amulet crystals with Mora, Donegin, Yelfis, and Gilthanas.
The group departs Qualinost. Along the way, Gilthanas briefly describes the history of Pax Tharkas. The Sla-Mori is a secret entrance only known to Qualinesti royalty because it leads through the tomb of Kith-Kanan, the founder of the Qualinesti elves and architect of Pax Tharkas.
The first day of travel is uneventful as most of the journey is through elven forest territory. However, as dusk begins, the group turns west to head into the mountains – they follow a brook that turns into a raging mountain river as the group gets higher in elevation. At sunset, the group comes upon a clearing. The grass has been turned to mud during a fierce battle between a group of hobgoblins and humans. Two dozen bodies lie around the clearing and a low moaning sound can be heard from a pile of hobgoblin bodies. The group heads toward the sound as a single human struggles to stand among the slain hobgoblins. The human spots the group and raises his hand to wave, but suddenly points and with a startled yelp yells, “Look out!”
Suddenly, a group of 8 Baaz Draconians rush out of the tree line toward the group! Mora and Yelfis run into combat as Gilthanas, Almaia, and Donegin use ranged weapons on the Draconians. The combat lasts about a minute, and the Baaz slowly drop as stone statues under the skilled combat prowess of the group. The last Baaz Draconian standing begins to back away from the group to retreat when the human attacks and kills it from behind.
The man introduces himself as Eben Shatterstone. Gilthanas recognizes the human as a travel companion during his flight north to Solace after his first attempt at this mission failed. Eben Shatterstone thanks the group for their assistance and offers to accompany them as an extra sword-hand. Gilthanas does not vouch for the man, but mentions that another sword is always welcome during this age.
Eben is covered in blood and has an obvious bruise on his head. He refuses any medical attention from the group – magical or otherwise. The group is a little suspicious at this behavior, but attributes it to his head wound and race. Some humans are not very welcoming of arcane magics and even more suspicious of people claiming to practice divine magic.
Eben gathers supplies from his fallen human comrades and the group departs to set camp for the night away from the carnage. Eben offers to gather herbs for Mora who was heavily wounded in combat. Donegin and Yelfis do what they can for Mora as Eben does a quick search for herbs around the area.
The group sets watches for an uneventful night. The next morning, the group awakes to Eben cooking a meal for the group. As the group (except for Mora) enjoys breakfast, Eben explains that he and his group are refugees from Gateway. Because Gateway, Haven, and Solace are under the control of the Red Dragonarmy, these men were living in the foothills attempting to evade Dragonarmy patrols. Eben’s group encountered Gilthanas during his flight northward to Solace a week ago. Eben and his group were intending to head for the plains when they encountered the hobgoblin patrol. Mora informs Eben that the plains are not occupied because the Red Dragonarmy destroyed everything as they passed through. The exasperated Eben consigns himself to stick with the group until they make it to an unoccupied area.
The group agrees to travel with Eben Shatterstone and departs west for the hidden vale that contains the entrance to Sla-Mori. At the end of another eventful day, the group rests at the top of a ridge-line overlooking the fortress of Pax Tharkas. Blz23As the group looks on, the 30 foot high and 20 foot wide gate doors open on the fortress and thousands of human, hobgoblin, and draconian march north toward the Qualinesti forest.
Gilthanas woefully reminds the group that they are short on time to save his people. The group decides to rest for four hours before proceeding down the hidden vale toward the entrance of Sla-Mori.
As the group reaches the trail leading toward the entrance of Sla-Mori, Donegin and Eben spot and alerts the group about three Trolls attempting to ambush the group from behind.
The group quickly mobilizes and confronts the Trolls. Eben holds off one Troll while Donegin confronts another. Gilthanas launches an alchemist fire at the third Troll.
Donegin is severely wounded by the second Troll at the same time that Eben makes an extremely well-placed blow that instantly kills the first Troll. Almaia rushes to Eben and hands him a lit torch to completely destroy the regenerative Troll. Yelfis casts enlarge and attacks the second troll. Gilthanas launches another alchemist fire at the second Troll as Donegin and Mora hold off the third Troll. As the first and second Troll fall, the third Troll flees.
Absent a ranger, the group does their best to track the Troll before it can alert any Dragonarmy forces. Mora is able to track the Troll back to its lair, a crevice in the rock face.
The Troll hears the group advance and retreats further back into its crevice. As Mora approaches, the Troll comes charging out of the cave. The group engages the Troll with their primary weapons first, followed by Mora with a few charges of her lightening gauntlets. Mora then attempts to strike the Troll with a jar of acid, but the Troll is able to dodge the missile and only takes a small amount of splash damage. The Troll begins to struggle under the constant blows from the group when Gilthanas recovers another alchemist fire from Yelfis’ dropped backpack and launches it at the Troll. The Troll succumbs to the onslaught and burns away under the flaming oil from the alchemist fire.
Inside the Troll lair the group discovers a +1 heavy steel shield, 257 gp, a diamond worth 150 gp, a pearl worth 110 gp, Gloves of Dexterity +2, and Masterwork Lockpicks.
The group continues down the valley floor and come to the entrance of the Sla-Mori – smooth and seamless section of the rock face. Gilthanas pulls out a glowing green gem and casts a short spell. Green glowing lines betray edges of a door in the rock face, the rock slides away, and the group enters the Sla-Mori.Header


What a beautiful gate. I am excited to see what lies in the mountain behind such a wonder. Mora

The trail to Sla-Mori
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