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Dragons of Autumn

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In the northern foothills of the Kharolis mountain range, a cluster of dwarves belonging to the Neidar clan held a settlement. The fine craftsmanship of these dwarves often brought them to the nearby town of Solace. Solace is a town set atop massive trees. Each of these treehouses is connected by walking platforms and occasional stairways to the forest ground below. A truly magnificent arena for a group of hill dwarves to raise their young.
Among the dwarven children, a group of siblings and others set off in the world looking for adventure. Almaia, Donegin, Draigo, Mora, and Yelfis were often accompanied by the kender, Kip. As they came of age, their adventures brought them to the city of Haven.
After the cataclysm, Krynn was left absent of deities and clerics. A self-appointed assembly of humans, determined to find new gods, established themselves in the city of Haven. These " seekers " are the closest thing to religion available in this land. The constant plague, disease, and misgivings in the Age of Despair were motivation for this group of dwarves to track down any god to help.
During their time in Haven, the dwarves were made aware of a recent breakthrough in holy magic. The possibility of a new god was worth an investigation. Unfortunately, Draigo and Almaia witnessed the seeker “holy-man” practicing arcane magic in an attempt to fool the eager followers of Haven into a false religion. The dwarves and Kip set about gathering proof and exposed the charlatan to the seeker authorities who quickly dispatched the false prophet.
The charlatan escaped and was later tracked down by the heroes, but not before the group lost their welcome in Haven. The seeker authorities claimed credit for uncovering the sham to stabilize the will of the people. The group is not forbidden from reentering Haven, but they did not receive credit for their contribution in uncovering the treacherous plot.
After settling their affairs in the region, the group met at the Inn of the Last Home in Solace to decide their next action. With no leads to pursue, the group decided to separate in search of any signs, portents, or evidence of the old gods; their experience in Haven having soured them on the thought of a “new” god. The group agreed to meet back at the Inn of the Last Home five years hence and parted ways the next morning.
Each of the five dwarves and their kender friend set out upon Krynn. Their travels took them to foreign lands filled with adventure, but the old gods were unlikely to reveal themselves after 350 years of abandonment.


A bunch of dwarves, accompanied by an even smaller being? Sounds interesting…

Group Background Information

Sometimes the parallels between this campaign and a Tolkien novel are frightening!

Group Background Information
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