Wolfhound Jack – Your CSS templates inspired me to improve my campaign site and hone my CSS skills.

Gaaran – Your work on Dark Queen of the West is impressive and your interactive map was the inspiration and source material for my own interactive map.

Kallak – Your code for the alternate character listing saved me loads of design time. Thanks!

Madartiste – Your code for renaming elements in the Navigation Tab bar was a big help and motivated me to design my nested tab containers. What started as a naming preference provided the inspiration for improving the navigation of my wiki. Thank you!


Imagery is a powerful tool for creating memorable associations between what the players experience and the content of the campaign website. I scour the Internet trying to find high-quality representations of the content I relay to my players. If imitation is the highest form of flattery, then the visual art I include on the campaign website is my way of sharing something I find truly beautiful. I owe a lot to the artistic giants upon whose shoulders my website rests.
I try my very best to credit the artist for every image I use. If I use your work and your name is not listed, please let me know so I can tell everyone how awesome you are! If you prefer that I not use your image, again, let me know! Sure, I’ll be kicking stones over not using your awesome art, but I don’t want to rub anyone the wrong way.

Ertaç Altınöz – “Tas,” Digital Art

athirst4blood – “Dragon Attack,” Screenshot from Skyrim

Nick Barfuss – “Riverwind,” Unknown medium

Jules Breton – “Peasant Woman Threading a Needle,” Painting

Clyde Caldwell – “White Magic,” Oil painting

Anna Christenson – “Dwarf- Malia,” Unknown medium

Gustavo Cabral (Ciruelo) – “Dark Dsurion,” Unknown medium

Kim dong-hyuk – “Fantasy Load,” Illustration

Jeff Easley – “Odyssy of Gilthanas,” “Toede,” Unknown medium

Sean Eddingfield – “Dragon Sword,” Digital art

Larry Elmore – Various, Painting – The man. I’m very excited to see the new artbook. I wish I could make it to the bike ride on my Vespa! Congrats on the Kickstarter!

Markus Erdt – Untitled, Drawing on brown paper, dated July 17, 2012

Julius Gopez – Untitled from “Dragons of Spring Dawning,” Comic book

Heri Irawan – “Snooping,” Landscape

Jonik – “Dwarf Fortress,” Digital art

Boyd Kirkland and Mike Bundlie – Theros Ironfeld from “Dragonlance: Dragons of Autumn Twilight,” Animated film

Sabine Klement – “Chade Fallstar,” Painting

Steve Kurth and Djoko Santiko of IFS – Various panels from “Dragons of Autumn Twilight,” Comic book

Barbara Leal-Juopperi – “Dragonlance Places – Skullcap,” Digital art

Grace Liu – “Arvos Jadestone,” Medium unknown

John Maclean – “Callanish Stones in snow,” Photograph

MG – “Dire Bear,” Concept art

Devvyn Murphy – “Green Mist,” Photograph

William O’Connor – Untitled, Dwarf Mage, Unknown medium

Bre Pettis – Untitled, Uranium marbles for MakerBot Industries, Photograph

ProdigyDuck – “Darkmantle,” Digital Art

Rayph – “Dwarf Invoker,” Digital Art

RedRo – “Delver on look out,” Sketch, (Colorization by Robert Kety)

JB Reynaud – “Human Rogue,” Digital art

Lina K. Ronnback – “Sleeping Dragon,” Drawing

Nickolas Russell – “Harsk,” Digital art (based on Wayne Reynolds’ Harsk)

Sanura35 (Lena) – “Bubble Brew,” Digital Art

ShortbowShinnon – “Mines of Moria LotR: War in the North Concept,” Medium unknown

Karl Simon – Untitled, “I did this one after reading some Lovecraft story,” Medium Unknown

Craig J. Spearing – Spellbook for Paizo, Digital art

Matthew Stawicki – “Dragons of Autumn Twilight,” Unknown medium

Telemachus Stavropoulos – “Ruins,” Icon

Przemyslaw Szymczak – “Fierce dwarves!,” Drawing

Christopher M. Tackett – “Gift of the Wyrmslayer,” Digital Art

Unknown Artist (Shae?) – Untitled, Bozak Draconian, Unknown medium

Unknown Photographer – “Foxtrot Charm” for Madewell, Photograph

Unknown Photographer – Snow-covered cabins at Valley Forge National Park, Photograph

The Weapons Emporium – “Late Roman Officer Jeweled Helmet,” Photograph

Andrew Whyte – “Mountain Plains,” Oil painting

Mark Winters – “Renegade Red Wizard,” Illustration

Zynga – “Camp Fire,” “English Tree House,” “Fall Log Cabin,” “Green Hill I,” and “Ice Castle,” Icon

Group Acknowledgements:

Lindsay Archer, Daniel Bryce, Dennis Cramer, Chris Dien, Jeff Easley (again!), Larry Elmore (again!), Matthew Faulkner, Emily Fiegenschuh, Lars Grant-West, Rebecca Guay, Alan Gutierrez, Heather Hudson, Dennis Kauth, Doug Kovacs, Ginger Kubic, John and Laura Lakely, Rob Lazzaretti, David Martin, Jennifer Meyer, Matthew Mitchell, Vinod Rams, Darrell Riche, Richard Sardinha, Brian Snoddy, Ron Spencer, and Chris Tackett (again!) – Your maps and illustrations make conceptualization of the Dragonlance universe possible.

Glen Angus, Carlo Arellano, Daren Bader, Tom Baxa, Carl Critchlow, Brian Despain, Tony Diterlizzi, Larry Elmore (like I said, he is the man!), Scott Fischer, Rebecca Guay (again!), Paul Jaquays, Michael Kaluta, Dana Knutson, Todd Lockwood, David Martin (again!), Matthew Mitchell (again!), Monte Moore, rk post, Steve Prescott, Adam Rex, Wayne Reynolds, Richard Sardinha (again!), Brian Snoddy (again!), Mark Tedin, and Anthony Waters – Your works bring shape, scope, and life to the monsters and creatures of our imagination


Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman, and the fragmented remains of living flesh formerly known as TSR and WotC – Thank you for bringing the Dragonlance universe to the world. These novels were among the first books I read growing up. Discovering the 3e campaign settings has allowed me to play out my childhood fantasies.

Mary Kirchoff – The Defender’s of Magic trilogy is one of my favorite stories on Krynn!

Friends, Family, and other PCs – Thanks for keeping me excited to play!

Fans, Forum Members, and Wayward Googlers – Thanks for stopping by!

The Uninitiated – “One of us… One of us…”


Obsidian Portal, Micah, et al. – Thank you for creating this website! This resource is a true necessity for GM’s who take their game seriously.

Wizards of the Coast (Hasbro) – Thanks for keeping D&D alive!

Sovereign Press – Thanks for publishing the Dragonlance materials for 3e!

Dungeons and Dragons – Although you are not a formal entity, I must thank you for the great amount of joy you bring to my life.

Chessex – Mats, Dice, and overall bad-assery. Your products keep everyone in the campaign on the same mental page during combat!

Dragonlance Nexus – Everything you wanted to know about the Dragonlance universe, and more!

Dwarven Forge – Congrats on the successful Kickstarter! I can’t wait to use your product to recreate some of the environments on Krynn.

The Hypertext d20 SRD – Every GM with a mobile or tablet owes you for defending them from the rules lawyers of the world.


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