• Baaz Draconian

    Baaz Draconian

    The most numerous of the draconian race, Baaz Draconians are weak minded and prone to disreputable behavior. They have brass tinted skin and turn to stone at the moment of death.
  • Bozak Draconian

    Bozak Draconian

    Cunning magic users, Bozak Draconians are natural leaders to other draconians. They have bronze tinted skin and their bones explode upon death.
  • Eben Shatterstone

    Eben Shatterstone

    A human fighter the group encounters in the foothills around Pax Tharkas.
  • Elistan


    A Seeker highpriest with a reputation for being fair and just, he was last seen in a slave caravan headed for Pax Tharkas
  • Fewmaster Toede

    Fewmaster Toede

    A Fewmaster in the Red Dragonarmy, Toede is a cunning and cowardly spy responsible for enslaving the people of Solace.
  • Fizban the Fabulous

    Fizban the Fabulous

    A befuddled old wizard whose comings and goings suggest that he is more than what he seems.
  • Gilthanas


    Second born of the Qualinesti leader, Solostaran, the Speaker of the Sun. He is tasked with inciting a slave revolt in Pax Tharkas to provide his nation time to flee before the invasion of the Red Dragonarmy.
  • Goldmoon


    Princess of the Que-Shu tribe and betrothed of Riverwind, she accompanies the group into the depths of Xak Tsaroth bearing the Blue Crystal Staff.
  • Highklahd Drooth

    Highklahd Drooth

    Thane of the gully dwarves who live in Pax Tharkas
  • Kapak Draconian

    Kapak Draconian

    Stealthy and cunning, Kapak Draconians prefer the military life and are skilled assassins. They have copper tinted skin and turn into a pool of acid at the moment of death.
  • Khisanth


    A black dragon serving the Red Dragonarmy Highlord Verminaard, Khisanth (Onyx) was tasked with defending the Disks of Mishakal. She was slain by a group of dwarves and the Disks of Mishakal taken.
  • Laurana


    Laurana is the third born daughter of the Qualinesti leader, Solostaran, the Speaker of the Sun.
  • Maritta


    A seamstress from the city of Haven who becomes the unofficial leader of the women imprisoned in Pax Tharkas
  • Mishakal


    Goddess of healing, Mishakal is attempting to reintroduce the people of Krynn to the Gods of Light.
  • Riverwind


  • Thane Highbulp Phudge I

    Thane Highbulp Phudge I

    Thane over several gully dwarf clans who recently occupied the sunken city of Xak Tsaroth; he is now a low-level cleric of Reorx and King over the newly founded gully dwarf kingdom located in the Eastwall Mountains.
  • Theros Ironfeld

    Theros Ironfeld

    The Solace blacksmith who provided refuge and escape to elves when Solace was overrun by the Red Dragonarmy. He lost his arm attempting to liberate a slave caravan and was last seen taking refuge with the Qualinesti elves.
  • Tika Waylan

    Tika Waylan

    The red-haired bar maid at the Inn of the Last Home was last seen in a slave caravan headed for Pax Tharkas.
  • Zirkan


    A hill dwarf fighter of the Neidar Clan