Campaign of the Month: August 2013

Dragons of Autumn

Into Thorbardin
The Stonefist Clan and the Red Wizard Grim journey back into the mountains in search of a secret entrance into Thorbardin

The companions, having rested for the night, get an early start. Their next stop is south in search of a secret entrance into the dwarven kingdom, Thorbardin. Gilthanas, Laurana, and Blaize volunteer to watch over the human refugees as they begin to break their encampment in the Hopeful Vale. The human refugees should begin heading south in a few days. The group decides to ride out ahead of the large throng to locate the entrance to the dwarven kingdom and seek permission from the dwarven thanes to shelter the refugees. Fizban the Fabulous, Elistan, Sestun, and Eben Shatterstone volunteer to join the companions.
The group is wary of allowing Eben Shatterstone to join, but between him and Elistan they control the majority of leadership authority over the human refugees. The group decides that leaving Eben Shatterstone with the refugees would be more of a problem as he could sway even more followers to his banner.
The group sets out and travels south between the river and western foothills. That evening, the party awakes to the strangled cries of Elistan.

The Treasure Rooms
In the depths of Skullcap Mountain, the group reaches the treasure horde of Fistandantilus

Bejeweled helmThe iron door on the far side of the chamber opens to an empty room. Directly in front is another iron door and on the east and west walls is an arch. Brilliant white light pours out of the east and west arches. The group inspects the arches and discover that each archway passes into a treasure room. On prominent display in the eastern room is a dwarven map case and in the western room a bejeweled helm.
Wary of more traps, Yelfis throws a rock through the eastern archway and watches it disappear. Interested, Yelfis wags the end of his beard in the archway and the group watches as he disappears!

Into the Chamber of Fistandantilus
The group finds a way past the iron pyrohydra, encounters some magical traps, and encounters the shade of Fistandantilus himself!

After observing the iron pyrohydra and its chamber, the group discovers invisible walkways that connect to the far-side of the chamber. The iron pyrohydra cannot reach the group from forty-feet below, but one of its twelve heads retains the ability to breath flames. The group manages to cross the third level unscathed, but some of the group felt attempts to push them off the invisible walkway.
The archway on the far-side leads to a narrow hallway and stairs. The stairs descend to the second level of the chamber. At this time, Mora agrees to receive two spells: invisibility on herself and a coin with the Silence spell cast upon it.

Into Skullcap Mountain
The heroes enter Skullcap mountain and encounter more dragons!!

The group scales the gravely hill to the obsidian jawline of Skullcap mountain. Using some climbing gear, the group descending down the slick gullet of the massive stone mouth. The gullet ends in a tunnel that transitions from melted volcanic stone into the stone and mortar ruins of the keep within.
The halls of the mountain keep show signs of the great magical catastrophe which transformed it into a melted skull. The rooms are filled with broken furniture and rubble and the keep is eerily quiet. Most of the doors are oak covered in silver.

The Trail to Skullcap Mountain
Having escorted the Pax Tharkas refugees to a temporary haven, the group travels southeast to Skullcap Mountain for clues to finding Thorbardin

Having escorted the Pax Tharkas refugees to a secure valley, the group departs to the southeast in search of Skullcap mountain. The broken remains of that fortress which belonged to one of the most powerful and evil mages to walk on Krynn offers the possibility for locating Thorbardin, the lost kingdom of the mountain dwarves.
As the group descends from the mountain ranges into the foothills between the Tharkadan Mountains and the Plains of Dergoth, Mora spots a grouping of dark lumps lying in a snowy meadow. Upon investigation, she discovers the lumps eight sets of Draconian equipment. The equipment is covered in a fine stone powder that Mora recognizes as the remains to the Baaz variety of dragonmen who turn to stone and fall to dust after dying.

From Neidar to the Hopeful Vale
In which our heroes secure temporary shelter for the human refugees

Zirkan leads the group to his village of wooden cabins nestled in a 270919733803517904 m wep i2 fq c valley. Wisps of smoke rise from the lodgepole buildings and curl into the air.
The group is introduced to the clan-leader, Stenkast. Stenkast receives his report from Zirkan. The group overhear Zirkan incredulous description of “dragon” attacks and an occupying force of “dragonmen” in the Fortress of the People. The reaction on the face of Stenkast does not reflect Zirkan’s attitude; the dwarven leader seems agitated and possibly apprehensive. Stenkast dismisses Zirkan and dispatches one of his entourage to fetch “the magus.”

In which our heroes and several hundred refugess flee Pax Tharkas and the Red Dragonarmy

The captives and slaves began to proceed south from Pax Tharkas once the massive red dragons began their aerial battle. The heroes along with Gilthanas, Laurana, and Eben cover the retreat. Eventually, the fortress and sounds of epic-draconic struggle wanes as they move further along the main road through the Tharkadan Mountains.
That afternoon on the trail the roughly 800 refugees continue to seek familiar faces. Families are reunited and friends congratulate each other on their change in fortune. The mass of mostly human refugees continue their trek until evening. As the light of day begins to fade, the group halts and begins setting a temporary camp. The lights and smells of campfires dot the areas alongside the main path and the murmur of voices fills the air.

The Liberation of Pax Tharkas
The disguised heroes move swiftly through the fortress to free the prisoners!

After resting, the group emerges from the cellars of Pax Tharkas via the stairwell under the cover of night. From the top of the stairs, Maritta points out the door to the children’s area across from the steps – a light wood beam secures it from the outside. The group pauses as a small troop of hobgoblins marches past on patrol. Everyone checks their disguises and continues up into the hallway.
The hallway is furnished with great care, creating an atmosphere of comfort and luxury. A plush purple carpet blankets the floor, and many tapestries of rich red and golden colors decorate the walls. Each of the several doors is made of dark-grained vallenwood and has golden rivets, hinges, and latches.

The Cellars of Pax Tharkas
The group successfully traverse the Sla-Mori and begin infiltrating the fortress of Pax Tharkas

The secret door slides shut blocking out the oncoming horde of walking corpses. The group huddles in the new hallway exhausted from the days activities. Almaia explores the length of the hallway and sets a trip alarm as an early warning while the group rests. The evening watches are uneventful and Gilthanas wakes them all the following morning. As Gilthanas kneels to waken Almaia, the dwarven beauty rolls over and snuggles elf nobleman. Gilthanas blushes and begins sputtering bashfully as he backs away in embarrassment. The sight is the first bit of levity encountered since they entered the dangerous corridors of the Sla-Mori.
The group continues down the corridor after licking their wounds from the previous day. Mora and Gilthanas allow the group to go on ahead and have a quick discussion in Hammertalk. Mora is concerned about Eben’s recent behavior. Gilthanas shares her distrust and recommends keeping an eye on the human.

Sla-Mori and its army of walking corpses
session 12

After resting in the entry way of the Sla-Mori, the group proceeds into the musky and roughly cut passageways of the secret entrance to the tomb of Kith-Kanan. The group comes to a crossroads with moving air to the left, right, and entrance tunnels, but no air movement from the tunnel ahead. Almaia and Mora proceed down the tunnel ahead. The duo comes to another junction. A tunnel heads off to the left and the tunnel ahead continues for 15 feet before forking into two tunnels. To the right is a frieze of three hideous fiends. Almaia inspects the inset sculptures and discovers a trap! Almaia disables the trap which would seal the entrance to the tunnel ahead when triggered.