+3 dragonbane longsword

weapon (melee)

Wyrmslayer is a +3 dragonbane longsword. It grants the wielder a +3 resistance bonus to saves against the breath weapons, spells, and spell-like abilities of all dragons. When it passes within 30 ft. of a true dragon, it emits a loud hum, loud enough not only to alert the wielder, but also to awaken and alert any dragon within 300 ft. Wyrmslayer may react to Draconians, but the exact effect is unknown.


Wyrmslayer was already an ancient sword when it came to Kith-Kanan, prince of Silvanesti, in the Age of Dreams before the founding of Qualinesti. It served him well for many years and was entombed with him when he died as Speaker of the Sun of Qualinesti.


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