Oldfather Stonefist

This magical battleaxe is said to contain the soul of Oldfather Stonefist

weapon (melee)

When the battleaxe was returned to the Valley of the Thanes in the kingdom of Thorbardin, the soul of Oldfather was finally at rest. Unfortunately, this means the weapon no longer retains its status as an artifact and lost much of its magic.
The lingering magical effects still make the Oldfather Stonefist battleaxe a mighty weapon:
+3 Dwarven Battleaxe
Detect Magic at will (wielder)
Major Image 1/day

Additionally, the battleaxe will no longer be under the mission constraints of Oldfather Stonefists’ soul and may be wielded by anyone for any purpose. However, wielding the weapon over a lifetime will increase the power of the battleaxe as it did for Oldfather Stonefist.

Previous capabilities for the artifact are as follows:

+3 Dwarven Battleaxe (1d8) (Critical x3) (Defending and Spell-storing)
10 INT
19 WIS
19 CHA

  • N/N Alignment – Dedicated to returning itself and the Stonefist Clan to its right place under the mountains
  • Ego: 28
  • Darkvision, Blindsense, and Hearing up to 120 feet
  • Capable of speech, telepathy, and read magic
  • 10 ranks in Sense Motive
  • Cure moderate wounds (2d8+3) three times a day, only on members of Stonefist Clan
  • Detect magic at will (conferrable to the wielder)
  • Major Image once per day
  • Status Effect at will, only on members of Stonefist Clan (conferrable to the wielder)
  • Locate Creature three times a day, only on members of Stonefist Clan
  • After 24 hours of possession, any member of the Stonefist Clan may wield Oldfather as a simple weapon
  • May cast True Resurrection on a member of the Stonefist Clan once per month and only if it will benefit the mission of Oldfather Stonefist

Because of its high Ego, Oldfather Stonefist will resist any action detrimental to its mission


Oldfather Stonefist was a dwarven elder of the Stonefist Clan. He and his clansmen were of the first dwarves to explore the realms of Krynn. His adventures took him to strange lands and he bore witness to strange and terrible magicks. After two centuries of adventure, he returned to the mountain kingdom of the dwarves only to discover a schism.
Some of the mountain dwarves preferred life on the surface and had broken away from their clansmen under the mountain. These dwarves were called Neidar or ‘hill dwarf’ to reflect their preference of living on the foothills surrounding the mountains.
When Oldfather returned, he attempted to gain entrance to the mountain kingdom. The mountain dwarves refused to permit him entrance and labeled him a Neidar. Oldfather had no choice but to lead the Stonefist Clan away from the mountain and settle among the trees and hills of the surface.
For another 150 years, Oldfather Stonefist attempted to convince the mountain dwarves to allow him and the other members of the Stonefist clan to reunite with their families under the mountain. But alas, it was not to be. Shortly after the Cataclysm, Thorbardin was sealed away from the outside world.
Oldfather became stooped and old; his sons and grandchildren adapted to life on the surface and no longer desired to live under the mountains. In his sorrow and neglect, Oldfather Stonefist set out on one last adventure. He sought one last refuge among the ancestral mountains to the north, the forgotten dwarven kingdom of Thorin, and the Calnar – cousins of the mountain dwarves.
No one knows what became of Oldfather, but storytellers say that he found the old dwarven kingdom in ruins. When confronted with the reality that he would never again live under the mountains, his sorrow claimed him.
After his mysterious death, it is said that his battleaxe was returned to the Neidar clan who lived in the hills outside Thorbardin. They were instructed to keep the battleaxe until such a time as it could be returned to the mountain kingdom.

Oldfather Stonefist

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