A semi-precious stone with the ability to hold a single divine spell of any level


A knowstone is a magical training device for apprentice clerics who are learning how to pray. Each stone contains all of the information necessary for casting the divine spell. The only purpose of the stone is to hold divine knowledge – it cannot cast spells or provide a divine caster with extra spell casting ability. However, if a divine spell caster does not know a spell, they would be able to learn it instantly by hold a knowstone imbued with the information for that spell.
Recording a spell onto a knowstone requires a caster who knows the spell to cast it upon the stone – casting the spell will cost the spellcaster that spell or spell slot for the day. The knowstone contains the information for the last spell it contains indefinitely or in the absence of a connection to a divine being (see Cataclysm). An empty knowstone will record ambient spell knowledge if it is in the possession of a divine caster for more than 24 hours.



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