Blue Crystal Staff

The Blue Crystal Staff of Mishakal; it often appears on Krynn during times of great need.

weapon (melee)

Usually, the staff appears to be a simple, plain, unadorned wooden quarterstaff. But whenever its
powers are used, or it is viewed through a true seeing spell, the staff ’s true appearance is revealed. In its true form, the staff is six feet long, carved of pure, unflawed blue crystal. It is crowned by an ornamental headpiece, resembling two crescent moons that are connected to one another at the ‘back,’ with the horns pointing upwards and downwards. A flawless blue sapphire, the size of a child’s fist, is inset within the heart of the headpiece.

The blue crystal staff holds 20 charges, when it is fully charged. It regains charges at a rate of 1 charge per day, although when it is placed within the open hands of the statue of Mishakal in Xak Tsaroth it automatically regains full charges (this can only be done once per day).

Besides its ability to heal, the staff can also be used in combat, since the goddess Mishakal understands that sometimes evil must be confronted directly. If wielded by a character of good alignment, the blue crystal staff functions as a +2 quarterstaff in combat. In the hands of a cleric of Mishakal, the blue crystal staff becomes a +5 holy quarterstaff, dealing an additional +2d6 points of holy (good) damage against creatures of evil alignment.

By expending 2 charges (as a free action) during combat, the wielder of the blue crystal staff can automatically deal double damage (triple damage on a critical strike). By expending 4 charges, the wielder can choose to deal triple damage (quadruple damage on a critical strike). This ability can be used as many times during a single day as charges allow; however, it may
be used only once upon an individual opponent. If this ability of the blue crystal staff is used, the staff cannot be used to heal for 1 hour per charge expanded to deal additional damage.

Once per day, the staff may teleport without error, but it is the staff, not the wielder, that
activates the power and chooses the location (at the DM’s discretion), unless the wielder is a cleric of Mishakal. Also once per day, the staff may be used to automatically deflect the breath weapon of any dragon, protecting a 10-foot radius around its wielder and preventing any damage to the wielder.

If a character of a non-good alignment attempts to wield the blue crystal staff, she suffers 2d6 points of holy (good) damage every round, and cannot make use of the staff ’s powers.

The wielder of the blue crystal staff can use the following
powers of the staff without expending any charges:

  • Cure Minor Wounds
  • Detect Poison

The following powers drain 2 charges from the staff:

  • Command
  • Cure Light Wounds
  • Remove Fear

The following powers drain 4 charges from the staff:

  • Continual Flame
  • Cure Poison

The following powers drain 6 charges from the staff:

  • Remove Blindness/Deafness
  • Remove Curse
  • Remove Disease

The following powers drain 8 charges from the staff:

  • Cure Critical Wounds
  • Restoration

The following powers drain 10 charges from the staff and
can be used only by a Cleric of Mishakal wielding the staff:

  • Raise Dead
  • Regeneration

The following powers drain 14 charges from the staff
and can be used only by a Cleric of Mishakal:

  • Greater Restoration
  • Resurrection

The blue crystal staff is a powerful artifact in the service of good that comes into the world only
during times of great need. The wielder of the staff is guided and protected by the goddess, Mishakal, ensuring the forces of evil cannot benefit from it.

The first mention of the blue crystal staff appears in chronicles covering the Age of Dreams, detailing the miracles the wielder of the staff was able to perform. The staff vanished from knowledge, vanishing into myth near the end of the Age of Dreams, and it is not until near the end of the Age of Despair the staff once more appears in the world, when a plains nomad of the Que-Shu tribe named Riverwind discovers it in the broken ruins of Xak Tsaroth.

The last known sighting of the Blue Crystal Staff was in Xak Tsaroth shortly before its final destruction into the Newsea.

Blue Crystal Staff

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