Thane Highbulp Phudge I

Thane over several gully dwarf clans who recently occupied the sunken city of Xak Tsaroth; he is now a low-level cleric of Reorx and King over the newly founded gully dwarf kingdom located in the Eastwall Mountains.


Phudge Bulp I is an Aghar Dwarf and the Highbulp of Clan Bulp formerly of Xak Tsaroth. He is considered to have more intelligence than the other dwarves around him. He is also a notorious coward with a weakness for fine clothing. He always wears a tarnished crown that is about three sizes too big for him.


Just prior to the destruction of Xak Tsaroth, Phudge was fascinated by the holy powers of Yelfis, a dwarven hero who freed the gully dwarves from the tyranny of a black dragon and her draconian minions. With the help of Yelfis, Phudge found his faith in Reorx. Phudge is considered to have a half-level of cleric and can perform minor orisons a few times each day. Phudge uses his faith in Reorx to govern his people and in return is considered the thane of all gully dwarves. Although most gully dwarves are not aware of this fact, being in the presence of Phudge and his over-sized crown and miraculous powers is enough for any gully dwarf to know that he is their true leader.
After the destruction of Xak Tsaroth, Phudge led his people to a ruined dwarven fortress in the Eastwall Mountains. It was at these ruins that Phudge set to building the first gully dwarf kingdom, Number 1 Supreme Kingdom of Phudge!

Thane Highbulp Phudge I

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