Goddess of healing, Mishakal is attempting to reintroduce the people of Krynn to the Gods of Light.


Mishakal, also known as the Light Bringer, the Healing Hand, Quen Illumini (Qualinesti name), and the Blue Lady. She represents the godly power of restoration. She embraces the soul’s wish to grow and learn from mistakes. She is the patron of healing, motherhood, and restoring the lost. She actively works to make things right in the world and tries to rid the world of evil with her compassion. Her nature sometimes conflicts with the violent conditions that her faithful encounter, but she has a wide breadth of worship during times of strife.


She is the Goddess responsible for restoring the knowledge of the true Gods after the Cataclysm.
Mishakal is constantly loving and protecting to the world. The cleric Goldmoon was given the Blue Crystal Staff to restore the faith of the Gods to the world. She is loved by all the Gods of Good, and the Gods of Neutrality all hold her in regard. She is in opposition to every God of Evil for the same reasons she is beloved by the Gods of Good. Every God of Evil harms life in some way, and for that reason Mishakal opposes them all. Her celestial symbol is the constellation Infinity (infinity symbol/lazy eight).
Mishakal symbol


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