Highklahd Drooth

Thane of the gully dwarves who live in Pax Tharkas


A bushy beard and large tin helmet are the only distinguishable features of this gully dwarf. The sword he bears is longer than his legs and is often the cause for his constant tripping. Despite the comical nature of his appearance to others, the members of the Klahd clan revere Drooth as their thane.


Drooth is the thane of the Klahd clan who live in the abandoned fortress of Pax Tharkas. When the red dragon army moved into the fortress, the forced the gully dwarves to live in a corner of the basement and act as slave labor.
Drooth and his clan are less interested in wealth accumulation and prefer to spend their time developing new and interesting machinations. Although most of these machines are purely for entertainment, on rare occasions the Klahd clan develops something useful.

Highklahd Drooth

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