Princess of the Que-Shu tribe and betrothed of Riverwind, she accompanies the group into the depths of Xak Tsaroth bearing the Blue Crystal Staff.


Goldmoon has blond hair and is also a cleric of Mishakal.


Goldmoon is the chieftain’s daughter of the Que-Shu tribe where she was worshiped as a god. Riverwind, a shepherd-warrior in her tribe, fell in love with her. Unworthy to court the princess because of his religious beliefs, Riverwind was sent on a fool’s errand to retrieve proof of his gods. Upon his return bearing the Blue Crystal Staff, his tribe exiled him for heresy. The love, bravery, and faith of Riverwind blossomed the love in Goldmoon’s heart and she joined him in exile. They arrived in Solace carrying the Blue Crystal Staff that holds strange powers and is sought by mysterious hooded travelers.
Goldmoon joined the group along with Riverwind to learn more about the area where Riverwind found the Blue Crystal Staff. Their journey to Xak Tsaroth yielded the recovery of the Disks of Mishakal. After returning the Blue Crystal Staff to the Temple of Mishakal, Goldmoon became one of the first good clerics to walk Krynn since the Cataclysm.
Unfortunately, this all came at the loss of her love. After Riverwind’s death, Goldmoon returned to the plains to seek out survivors of her incinerated village. She intends to not only lead her people, but also become a powerful cleric for her god, Mishakal. Goldmoon carries a lock of Riverwind’s hair as a token of their love.


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