Second born of the Qualinesti leader, Solostaran, the Speaker of the Sun. He is tasked with inciting a slave revolt in Pax Tharkas to provide his nation time to flee before the invasion of the Red Dragonarmy.


A nobleman, fighter, and wizard, Gilthanas is a Qualinesti elf and second son to Solostaran the Speaker of the Sun.


Gilthanas Kanan grew up as the middle child in the Qualinesti Royal Family, brother to Porthios Kanan and Laurana Kanan. As the second son of Speaker Solostaran Kanan, Gilthanas was brought up to become a diplomat and spokesman for his people. He also became a skilled fighter and moderately skilled magic-user as well.
He was tasked with encouraging a revolution in Pax Tharkas to distract the red dragonarmy from invading Qualinesti. His first attempt was a failure and his team of elves was taken to Solace and publicly executed. Gilthanas’ outrage was diminished at the urging of Theros Ironfeld, a local human blacksmith the Qualinesti hold in high renown. Gilthanas and Theros began helping other elves in the areas surrounding Solace escape to Qualinesti before the red dragonarmy could hunt them down and kill them.
Gilthanas was captured during a skirmish with some Kapak draconians. He was defended by a group of dwarves who were also captured. As slaves, they were being transported to the mines of Pax Tharkas when the caravan was attacked by Qualinesti archers. Freed from servitude, Gilthanas led his dwarven allies and some human refugees into the forest of the Qualinesti. He urged his older brother, Porthios to grant the humans safe passage to the south and an audience with the Speaker of the Sun for his dwarven allies.
Gilthanas and his dwarven allies have again been tasked with starting a revolt in the slave mines of Pax Tharkas to delay the red dragonarmy’s advance into the Qualinesti region. This delay tactic should provide the Qualinesti elves enough time to escape west over the sea to a new homeland.


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