Fewmaster Toede

A Fewmaster in the Red Dragonarmy, Toede is a cunning and cowardly spy responsible for enslaving the people of Solace.


Toede is a short and obese little fellow with grayish-yellow skin, numerous chins, and white wispy hair.


Toede is a cunning and cowardly hobgoblin who rose as the son of a local hobgoblin tribe leader to become a Fewmaster in the Red Dragonarmy. His encounter with Goldmoon and the Blue Crystal Staff at the Inn of the Last Home resulted in his death (See Session 1), but upon the return of the group to Solace two weeks later found the hobgoblin alive and leading larger ranks (See Session 9). He was last seen riding in a slave caravan heading for Pax Tharkas.

Fewmaster Toede

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