Eben Shatterstone

A human fighter the group encounters in the foothills around Pax Tharkas.


A dark-haired fighter, Eben Shatterstone is a civilized human who claims to be from Gateway.


The group encountered Eben Shatterstone in the foothills east of Pax Tharkas. Gilthanas recognizes Eben because they once traveled together when Gilthanas was fleeing to Solace a few weeks ago.
Eben claims that he and his group were hiding in these foothills because the nearby human cities of Gateway and Haven were occupied by Red Dragonarmy forces. They encountered a hobgoblin patrol who decimated the group, Eben was the only survivor of the fierce combat. Eben encounters the group shortly after the combat ends.
He is a skilled fighter and is eager to please his new traveling companions; however, Eben refuses all magical healing from the group. The group is initially suspicious of Eben because of his hesitancy, but they attribute the weird vibe to the obvious bruise on his forehead he received during his combat with the hobgoblins.

Eben Shatterstone

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